Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Street Won't Bear It Long

If not because proving that It was once a decent blog is now a moot point, one mostly obscured by mouthbreathing chronic masturbators who consider their memes of memes stemming from inside jokes they don't even quite understand as what passes for humor, and if not for those* who get hard at the first sign of something they can grind out some righteous indignation for (take your pick: contrived dollar-store feminism, ableism, Minor Threat C-Sides, the egregious human rights crisis that is a Tumblr outtage, anything they can't say with a .Gif, etc) and then pistol-whipping the issue with the closest thing they can afford to overcompensate with (outrage), then simply because it's been too long since we've snorted curb. But finally, yes—finally—something is right on the internet.

But mostly because we wanted to write a media blog and talk some shit without getting paid nothin' but a hoot.

For a while, that seemed quaint. Now that everyone's getting paid (in public)—or has a login—it legitimately is.

Does anyone remember laughter? (Or Disqus, or Haloscan?) Everyone got boring, including me. So: Here's to all of that! Anonybloggers with legitimate day jobs and other public identities marginally worth protecting are welcome, anonymous commenters, not so much.

Krucoff's not even one of them! That's how bad this all got.]

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