Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nick Denton and Brown Triumphalism: A Photo Essay

A certain Tweet about a certain blog post on a certain blog (see above)—from the face-orifice of a certain blog-owner—may not be being received so well by a certain blog staff ("Don't get me started." - Direct Quote). So it is: A wonderful tradition gone silent for too long, back in action, wherein Dark Lord Balth gets back on the boss-as-troll saddle for some ass-riding action.

But while we're on (pause) the indelicate matter of ass-riding: It's no secret that Nick's love-life resembles less the average gay New Yorker's Electric Company of Eclectic Tastes so much as British Colonialism at its finest, poppers not included. For example!

A basketball player:
A drama-maker:

A painter:

A, uh, guy who once accused his college of racially profiling him:

And more! Reports of candlestick makers, bakers, and so on are unconfirmed but also totally probable (that they're black). And this is just a sampling. The question, inevitable: 

How come, indeed? If anyone knows anything about Brown Triumphalism, it's this guy.